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Telecom ISP VoIP CDR billing software for Telco and Data carriers, solutions for Public-Access Internet centres and more

We specialise in designing leading-edge out-sourced, off-the-shelf and bespoke software products and services for many business billing needs. Current line of products includes:
* TeleFactura: Telecom OSS/BSS Software-as-a-Service, outsourced, hosted, and licensed products and services offering a complete solution for Telecommunications voice and data billing, provisioning and mediation (PSTN, VoIP, MVNO, Wimax, ADSL…)
* Cybercafe SurfShop: An Internet games cyber cafe timer and monitoring suite of software and freeware
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Offshore e-commerce, Web hosting and company incorporation

Interested in bolstering your Internet strategy with a more tax efficient structure? We offer the complete E-commerce solution…offshore !
* Affordable offshore web hosting with high bandwidth and full extension support (SSL,…)
* Multi-currency payment gateway, order processing, merchant and bank accounts
* International Business Company (IBCs): choice of low tax jurisdictions (Jersey, BVI,…): no VAT, low corporate tax and more
* In need of software development? Combine your new strategy with our offshore software development services to lower your costs even further
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Discover what users say about our Telecom ISP VoIP CDR billing software and Internet games cyber cafe solutions

“After looking at other billing platforms we can honestly say TeleFactura does more and is bundled into a very professional looking software.” — ITKeptSimple, UK.

“Dynasoft has always been there when we needed them: we needed SAGE development, they delivered; we asked for changes to be made, they attended us. To this day, they regularly get back to us to make sure everything is going well.” — Serge G., Canada.

“Telefactura has all the billing requirements we need and works very well. We are happy with the product.” — Telekomm Solutions, UK.
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