Telecom VoIP billing bureau service and software

Presentation – Telecom VoIP CDR billing bureau service

Presentation of our Telecom VoIP CDR billing bureau service and software

Telecom VoIP CDR billing bureau service At Dynasoft we are committed to delivering winning billing and customer management software solutions for our customers. To make sure that you successfully deploy TeleFactura and fully leverage the extensive functionality of the system, we offer a wide array of consulting services, ranging from needs analysis, bespoke software development to comprehensive end-user training. Our Telecommunications billing solutions are the result of all our customers’ requests over the years. Dynasoft is a market leader in the UK for the provision of Telecoms consultancy services, Telecom VoIP CDR billing and mediation solutions and is able to extend its expertise further afield to any other markets. TeleFactura is already well established in the UK Telecoms market and is used by hundreds of Telco carriers all around the world (5 different languages supported).

We offer options where you can host your own copy of our Telecoms billing system and so all ownership, confidentiality and security issues are removed. TeleFactura does not require that we intervene to adapt anything in its source code to make it work with your data. Actually, we like to think TeleFactura is already fully universal, easy to use, as flexible as any software can be and ready to be used in seconds following its installation on your billing and Web servers.

Finally, we also offer a complete bureau service which will help you free up some of your company’s resources. Let Dynasoft take the complex nature of voice and data billing out and carry out all your billing needs for you. More on this here.

See features for more detailed information, try our free software demo (no registration required), a quicker alternative might to watch a video demo of the software or drop us a line for a free 10-minute demo via the Internet at your convenience and with your own billing data. See our dedicated section for a complete breakdown of the products and services we offer for the Telecoms market.

Telecom VoIP CDR billing bureau serviceWhy invest thousands of hours of time and tens of thousands of dollars trying to develop a solution in-house or hiring billing staff, when you can get with Dynasoft TeleFactura a fully flexible, mature, tailored and easy to use solution for a fraction of the price? Telecoms evolve at breakneck speed and trying to develop a solution in-house has a number of important downsides. Find out more.Telecom VoIP CDR billing bureau service