Telecom billing software system with VoIP CDR invoicing

Faq – Telecom billing software system

Frequently Asked Questions about
our Telecom billing software system

1. What is TeleFactura?

2. How is your product and service offering structured?

3. What do your Telecom billing software system include as standard?

4. Do you offer training services as standard with your Telecom billing software system?

5. Do you offer bespoke development services with your Telecom billing software system?

6. Do I need a permanent connection to the Internet for your products to work?

7. Why are some of your products Windows-based and not Web-based?

8. Do you have low-cost options? If so, what are they?

9. I need to integrate a new feature or a third party product your system does not currently support. What can be done?

10. Do you provide APIs?

11. The programme looks a bit daunting as it heavily loaded with options and settings. Isn’t this a problem?

12. Your support service includes free development. What does that include?

13. Why do Telecom billing software systems appear to be more expensive than other software solutions out there?

14. To what extent are your add-ons and generally, the material customers and distributors see customisable?

15. Our company is thinking of developing its own solution in-house. What are the benefits of buying your solutions instead?

16. Do your installation services include configuring and setting up our data?

17. I am looking for reassurances that your system will eventually work for me before I commit. What guarantees can you give?

18. What CDR/SMDR formats is your solution compatible with?