CDR billing software system solution with TekRadius and Radius Manager

Screenshot 19 – CDR billing

Dynasoft TeleFactura – CDR billing software system

Configuration of your CDR billing software system

CDR billing software system


You have at your disposal 100s of different configuration options so your billing is fine-tuned to the best extent possible. Options available include: provider details, invoice template to use, invoice template settings, invoice file type (pdf, xls, csv,…), MYOB settings, TekRadius settings, Radius Manager settings, definition of call types,… Leave these settings as they are and let the programme use default values or granulate billing more closely by tweaking the settings. Thanks to our integration with TekRadius and Radius Manager, TeleFactura is ideally suited as a billing platform for ISP: enforce fraud protection by managing customer credit limits and their data and voice plan allowances, send email alerts when these are breached,…


CDR billing software systemCDR billing software systemCDR billing software system